The EDC Podcast: Suresh Vaghjiani CLOWD9 - Leaders in Payments and FinTech
September 11, 2023
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This week we meet up with Suresh Vaghjiani CEO of CLOWD9. Founded by Suresh in 2022, CLOWD9 is the world’s first cloud-based issuer processing platform. He is an experienced financial services executive having held senior roles at both FCA regulated and leading edge technology companies. He previously served as CEO of Tribe Payments and Managing Director and President at Global Processing which is now Thredd. Prior to this, Suresh held senior roles at FTSE companies Paysafe Group PLC and Kalixa Payments Group. In our conversation today, we discuss why the payments industry has been behind in moving to the cloud and examine the latest trends in the issuer processing market. We also discuss CLOWD9’s B Corp status, which again it is one of the first payments companies to have achieved, and discuss what it takes to build effective teams and a lot more besides. So I do hope you enjoy this conversation with Suresh.

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