We are the world’s first cloud native decentralized issuer payments processing platform, empowering our customers with streamlined, customized, flexible and secure payments solutions.

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Travel & FX

Cross border payments, travel,
multi-currency, remittance, real-time FX rates and spend in local currency.

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Challenger bank,
Consumer & SME

Neo-banks targeting D2D banking
customers, SME & Business bank accounts.
Enhanced consumer and business banking
products, including FX, multi-currency accounts,
dynamic lending and virtual AR solutions.

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Offering program managers, banks,
neo-banks, Fintechs, a seamless solution
for ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay
enabled. Integrated with Visa (VTS)
& Mastercard (MDES) to allow
mobile functionality for any program.

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Virtual cards

Embedded financial services, OTA payments, check
and wire replacements, providing instant, secure,
one-time use of virtual accounts with configurable
parameters, velocity limits and usage controls
(location, MCC, MID).

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Gig economy payments, government
disbursements, expense management, fleet
solutions, delivering real-time payouts,
including instant virtual account creation,
VISA/Mastercard transfer and account
controls for customisable solutions.

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Gig economy payouts
Government disbursement
Expense management
Fleet solutions
Real-time payouts
Customisable controls


Providing crypto-exchanges, neo-banks and Fintechs with an extended authorisation window allowing for
real time conversion and spend.

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Our standalone wallet solution
allows customers to hold ledgers
and connect to multiple payment methods.

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