About us
Re-think, re-design your Payment Products with CLOWD9. We are a firm of payment and cloud experts supported and advised by experienced finance executives and entrepreneurs.
Who we are
With a united desire to revolutionise the payments industry, we’ve built a high-performing team, with an extensive range of experience building and scaling products and businesses from all industries, including payments, banking, investment banking,  financial services, media and advertising.
How we got here
Our APIs integrate with software providers and ‘conventional’ payment companies to support  neo banks and fintechs.  Unlike other processors, we own the full technology stack, giving us the flexibility to react to changes in customer behaviour and demands, rolling out new functionality in a matter of hours, rather than weeks and months.
Our values
We demonstrate integrity in our dealings with customers, partners and each other. This includes admitting when we are wrong or when we do not feel we are able to meet expectations, so that we maximize reliability and minimize surprises. We make efforts to ensure that the outcome and our purpose is uppermost and recognise that personal reward comes when the firm and our customers succeed.
We are open with each other and with our customers, to ensure we build a trusted and safe environment in which cognitive diversity can thrive.
We have a hunger to learn, to know what is happening and what opportunities may appear. We look for discontinuities, both in our market and beyond, so that we can future proof our business and be the first to take advantage of change, in customers, suppliers or potential partners.
We recognise that true innovation and excellence comes from collaboration, whether between colleagues or with other stakeholders. This requires the humility to acknowledge we do not have all the answers, the foresight to plan for medium and long-term, the discipline and judgement to prioritise based on core goals and purpose, rather than short term expediency or profitability.
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