Podcast: The DEI Discussions #WomenofFinTech | Emily Utton, COO at CLOWD9
February 9, 2023
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Podcast: Joining Nadia on this episode of The DEI Discussions, live from FinTech Connect, is Emily Utton, COO at CLOWD9.
Having only launched towards the close of last year, FinTech Connect marked CLOWD9's first official conference. Emily shares the importance of events like this for start-ups, particularly when it comes to maximising exposure and establishing new connections.

Events are also crucial to furthering the inclusion movement in financial services. Emily joined the payments industry fifteen years ago; and was welcomed by a very different, less inclusive landscape. The pair chart the positive progress that has happened since, and reflect on what more can be done to ensure gains are entrenched and built upon.

Emily refers to financial services as a community throughout the conversation. It's a refreshing approach that reveals the ever-increasing degree of support and plentiful opportunities that are present in the space.

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